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Today in K-pop ( October 22 )


Shinwoo BLANC7
Linzy Fiestar
Haeseung YOURS
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Did you know...

  • Sorn Sorn ended up as a winner in the show "Kpop Star Hunt" where the prize was becoming a Cube trainee.
  • Raina Her hobbies are singing and playing the piano.
  • Lisa Lisa loves to sleep. She sleeps for around 9 hours a day and is not a morning person.
  • Seungmin When Seungmin was a child,, he wanted to be a professional baseball player.
  • Hueningkai Hueningkai can speak Mandarin, English, Portuguese, and Korean
  • Minah Minah is the younger sister of Wanna.b's Lina.
  • YangYang He used to live in Germany.
  • Dahyun Jihyo said that Dahyun showers for a very long time and she has her personal concert in the bathroom. One day, when Dahyun came out from the bathroom, she saw the members were sitting on the floor and clapping for her
  • Doojoon Doojoon has a habit of throwing things around, especially around the corridor and main door
  • Tiffany Young Tiffany hates her nickname "Mi Young" because she said it sounds like an ancient korean name
  • Felix He thinks his charming point is his freckles.
  • Hendery He was born in Macau, People‚Äôs Republic of China.

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