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Hometown SEOUL
South Korea

Full name Kim Hyun-Jung
Native name 김현정
Birthday Feb 10, 1990
Blood type 0
Position Singer, songwriter

Introduction to Hoody

Kim Hyun-jung (김현정) better known as Hoody (후디), is a South Korean singer-songwriter under Jay Park’s label AOMG. She debuted with the single “My Ride” on September 24, 2013, and debuted in the same year as a member of the all-female underground hip-hop crew Amourette (AMRT), and left the group a bit later as she felt that it was too difficult to adapt as a member of a hip-hop group.

Hoody went on to be the first female artist to be signed under AOMG in 2015, after being approached by the founder Jay Park himself.

Hoody’s stage name comes from the article of clothing ; the hoodie. During SBS Power FM’s “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show” on September 7, 2017, she revealed the backstory behind the name. “I usually wear a lot of hoodies and so I chose Hoody as my stage name.” She continued, “I was in a hip hop club when I was in college. Ja Mezz from ‘Show Me the Money’ joined in the same year as me, and told me that it would be good if I had a rap name, too. I was wearing a hoodie at the time so I just chose Hoody.”

In that same interview, she talked about her joining AOMG. “The agency’s environment is very small and free. It kind of feels like a family. It’s very laid back vibe than a company vibe.”

The extremely talented singer-songwriter writes all of her own lyrics and is actively involved in producing and arranging her songs as well.

Hoody is quite known for her unique and captivating vocals in the industry, which she has successfully shown off through her music and various collaborations with fellow labelmates Jay Park, Gray, Loco and other highly celebrated R&B artists like Crush, Jinbo & George both in and outside of Korea.

Her debut full-length album “Departure” dropped on October 29, 2019, and was well-recieved by fans and critics alike due to its unique, fresh sound, exceptional lyrics and catchy melodies.

Hoody has captivated many hearts across the world for her take of music and her likeable personality.

Record Labels
Sep 24, 2013
5'8" (173 cm)
105.8 lbs (48 kg)
Star Sign
Kpopping Rank

Hoody's Discography

Hoody - Submarine (with Bronze) (Jul 10, 2020)

Submarine (with Bronze)

2020 July

1 tracks

Hoody - Melting Me Softly OST Part 6 (Nov 9, 2019)

Melting Me Softly OST Part 6

2019 November

1 tracks

Hoody - Departure (Oct 29, 2019)


2019 October

11 tracks

Hoody - MIRO (Sep 26, 2019)


2019 September

1 tracks

Hoody - Doctor Prisoner OST Part 2 (Apr 3, 2019)

Doctor Prisoner OST Part 2

2019 April

1 tracks

Hoody - Sunshine (Oct 22, 2018)


2018 October

1 tracks

Hoody - Golden (Apr 27, 2018)


2018 April

2 tracks

Hoody - Can't Wait (Nov 16, 2017)

Can't Wait

2017 November

1 tracks

Hoody - HANGANG (Aug 24, 2017)


2017 August

1 tracks

Hoody - By Your Side (Dec 8, 2016)

By Your Side

2016 December

1 tracks

Hoody - On and On (Dec 16, 2016)

On and On

2016 December

9 tracks

Hoody - Like You (Jun 1, 2016)

Like You

2016 June

1 tracks

Hoody - Let Em Know (Sep 1, 2015)

Let Em Know

2015 September

1 tracks

Hoody - Blue Horizon (with Cokejazz) (Jun 18, 2015)

Blue Horizon (with Cokejazz)

2015 June

2 tracks

Hoody - Baby oh baby (Aug 12, 2014)

Baby oh baby

2014 August

1 tracks

Hoody - My Ride (Sep 24, 2013)

My Ride

2013 September

1 tracks

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