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Every post that you have made in our ‘News’ section, will located here in order from newest to oldest (To be determined? Consult website developer). Want to know how to post on Kpopping? Head to the ‘News Posting Privileges’ section of the News part of our help guide to learn more.
The My Favorite section is divided into four categories: Kpics, Playlists, Comments, and Articles. Each tab keeps track of every picture, playlist, comment and news posting that you have liked in case you’d ever like to revisit them.
The My Settings section is divided into five categories:
  • KPics,
  • Playlists,
  • Comments,
  • Badges,
  • and Preferences as well as the Bias Tracker feature.
Every picture, playlist and comment that you’ve posted on Kpopping will all be located in their respective sections. The Badges section displays all of them badges that you’ve accrued on Kpopping since the creation of your account.
The Preferences section is where you can tell your fellow Kpoppers a little more about yourself. Here, your username is displayed and you can also add in your actual name (Since I assume your parents didn’t name you ‘I have Jimin’s jams’) as well as your location.

This is also where you can add in a bio about yourself and a profile picture. The Preferences tab also displays how much XP you’ve accrued (Which you earn by making posts or comments) as well as your account’s levels, you account’s age and the amount of times your page has been visited by fellow Kpoppers. Preferences also shows the last persons to visit your page, so for all the lurkers out there, there’s no anonymous lurking here at Kpopping.
Every notification can be found in the notifications section. From comments on your posts, replies to your comments, or status updates on entries that you have made to our Encyclopedia.

Any messages your fellow Kpoppers have sent you can also be found in your inbox.
Biases and Kpop go hand in hand. Eminem may have invented the term ‘stanning’ but kpoppers have perfected it. Naturally we all have idols that we like more than others, and that’s where the Bias Tracker comes into play.
  • Adding a new bias is simple. Simply click on ‘Add new bias’ and a ‘Bias Settings’ window will pop up. Some of the most popular bias choices will show up immediately and if one of your biases happens to be one, pick them! If not, input their name in the search bias and select your bias from there.
  • After selecting your bias, they will be displayed on your Bias Tracker at all times where you can keep up to date with all of your favorites. Your biases are divided into four categories: Male, Female, Soloist and Group.
  • Once you’re all caught up, click on the ‘set seen all’ button so you don’t get old notifications.
These Terms of Use are our contract with you. We also have community rules, developed thanks to input from the kpopping community, that serve as guidelines for using kpopping. We welcome your input.