Monthly Giveaways

One winner on our monthly Leaderboard will be selected to receive any two album of their choice from Kpopmart. Winners will be drawn at the end of every month through a 1-20 random number generator. Winners will be ineliglbe to win the following month (example: if you win in January you can't win again until March).
Creating additional accounts on kpopping in order to boost your XP will automatically disqualify you from winning and have your account permanently banned. If you live with multiple people using kpopping send a message to moderators informing us.
January: Jikai
February: Yooniverse
March: Robhoney
April: cristiz86
May: Lego
February: cristiz86
March: アドリア
April: Yooniverse
May: Nalu Dragneel
June 1: BloomingBomi June 2: Chou
July: Lna4K
August: Ryuthings
September: Dale Ramirez
October: cristiz86
November: Chaengeryang
December: gogoanna