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News Page Categories
  • The news section, is an umbrella category of sorts and most posts will be tagged as news. Variety show appearances (Not including live performances on said variety shows; those posts would be tagged as Live), dating announcement confirmation, castings on TV shows, openings of new social media accounts etc.
  • Keep in mind, our news section isn’t gossip column. If you’d like to speculate on possible K-Pop couples, or rumors, please make sure to make a Discussion post.

Music Video
  • The music video section, surprise surprise, is for posting about music videos. Specifically, new music video releases. When it comes to MV milestones, such as 50 million views, 100 million views etc, those would be considered news posts and should be listed as such.

  • Discussion is the free for all section in our News tab. Here, Kpoppers are free to talk about anything they want. Album reviews, opinions of the last episode of your favorite K-Drama, Jungkook appreciation threads, you name it, Discussion posts don’t need links or any artist tags, so feel free to let your inner K-Pop stan out here.

Dance Practice
  • The Dance Practice sessions is where you can post about dance practice videos of your favorite idols. Dance Version MVs should still be tagged as MVs. Keep in mind that dance practice videos of notable dance studios such as 1MillionDance or Project Prepix should be tagged as discussion, since they are not K-Pop idols. However if an idol should feature in a collaboration video with a dance studio, then you can tag them and post the video in this section.

  • The Live section is where you post any live music performances by K-Pop idols. This could be anything from appearances on King of Masked Singer, VLive videos and of course concert performances.

  • The Teaser section is for music video teasers. Specifically MV teasers posted on YouTube. Teasers on platforms like VLive or Instagram as well as teaser photos, GIF teasers etc. should be posted in the news section.

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