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Virgo Kpop idols

All Kpop idols born in sign of Virgo.
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Stage Name Full Name Group(s) Date of Birth Gender
Minjae Song Minjae MCND Aug 23rd male
Jiseong Kim Ji-seong NTX Aug 23rd male
Xindy Lee Chaewon MIDNIGHT, Daydream, CHIC&IDLE, ZeroSix Aug 23rd female
Hyelin Seo Hyerin EXID Aug 23rd female
Bohoon Chae Bo Hoon Purple Rain Aug 23rd male
Chae Rin Kim Su-jin Brand New Day Aug 23rd female
Yejun Oh Ye-jun E'LAST Aug 23rd male
Hyeran Han Hyeran SWINCLE Aug 24th female
Vivian Boyoung WeGirls Aug 24th female
Bit-to Lee Chang Hyun UP10TION Aug 24th male
Hajung Kim Ha-jung 1NB Aug 24th female
Sojung Kim So-jung 1NB Aug 24th female
Han Hye Ri Han Hye Ri Red Queen, I.B.I Aug 24th female
Ne;MO Oh Sang Eun Miss $ Aug 24th female
Taehee Lee Tae Hee M.Pire Aug 24th male
Yesung Kim Jong Hoon SUPER JUNIOR, SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y. Aug 24th male
Bomin Choi Bo Min Golden Child Aug 24th male
Youngjun Yim Youngjun High4 Aug 24th male
Seongwu Ong Seongwu Wanna One Aug 25th male
Dowoon Yoon Do Woon DAY6, DAY6 (Even of Day) Aug 25th male
Julie Kim Jun Hee APRIL KISS Aug 25th female
Medic Jin Bae Yu-jin GIRLKIND Aug 25th female
Hyun Park Sung Hyun Seven O’Clock Aug 25th male
Yeonji Yeon Ji Eun Pocket Girls Aug 25th female
Jerome Oh Sung Min TOO Aug 25th male
Kwanghee Hwang Kwang-Hee ZE:A Aug 25th male
Yeonkyung Oh Yeon Kyung F-ve Dolls Aug 25th female
Sunghyuk Seo Sunghyuk RAINZ Aug 26th male
Sara Sara Eckhoff APRIL KISS Aug 26th female
Soyeon Jeon So-yeon (G)I-DLE Aug 26th female
Chaejeong Lee Chae-jeong ELRIS Aug 26th female
Duri Kim Duri D.Holic Aug 26th female
Yunji Kim Yunji ARIAZ Aug 26th female
Cindy 10X10 Aug 26th female
Yezi Lee Ye-ji Fiestar Aug 26th female
Hwanwoong Yeo Hwanwoong ONEUS Aug 26th male
Sungyeol Lee Sungyeol INFINITE, Infinite F Aug 27th male
Terra So Ra PRISM Aug 27th female
Mirae Jung Mi-rae LipBubble Aug 27th female
Ahyoung Lee Ah Hyung P.O.P Aug 27th female
Dalyn ANS Aug 27th female
Xiao Chen Xiao VAV Aug 27th male
Jerry Ahn So Hyun Tahiti Aug 27th female
Kiki Xu JiaQi 7SENSES Aug 27th female
Jo Kwon Jo Kwon 2AM, Triple T Aug 28th male
Hui Lee Hoe-taek Triple H, PENTAGON Aug 28th male
Joonhyeon Im Joonhyeon All-Star Aug 28th male
Sejeong Kim Sejeong I.O.I, gugudan, gugudan SEMINA Aug 28th female
Crooge Jang Woong Sik Aug 28th male
ACE Jang Woo Young VAV Aug 28th male
Jun.H Im Joon Hyeon UNVS Aug 28th male
Rachel Sung Na-yeon APRIL Aug 28th female
Yunsung Nam Yun Sung NOIR Aug 29th male
SeolA Lee Seol-A ABRY Aug 29th female
Yoomin Na Yoo Min Melody Day Aug 29th female
Woolim Hwang Woo-lim PLAYBACK Aug 29th female
Hayun Lee Ha-yun Brave Girls Aug 29th female
Jooeun Lee Joo Eun TROPICAL Aug 29th female
Ji Eun A-Girls Aug 29th female
Yeseul Kang Ye-seul Aug 29th female
Cao Lu Cáo Lù Fiestar Aug 30th female
YY Jin Yongyong UNVS Aug 30th male
Naye Hwang Ye-ri CHERRY ON TOP Aug 30th female
Sohyun Kwon So-hyun 4Minute Aug 30th female
Youngji Heo Young Ji Kara Aug 30th female
Sora Sakata Sora woo!ah! Aug 30th female
D.L Kim Yeonhak BLANC7 Aug 30th male
Hayeon Kim Hayeon Aug 31st female
Eunjin Ahn Eunjin DIA Aug 31st female
Wonyoung Jang Won-young IZ*ONE Aug 31st female
Sihyeon Park Sihyeon Carcaro Girl Aug 31st female
Hyeyoung Tae Hye Young Miss $ Aug 31st female
Intak Hwang In Tak P1Harmony Aug 31st male
Youngjo Jo Youngjo Beatwin Aug 31st male
Lucy Noh Hyo-jung Weki Meki Aug 31st female
Gaga Li Jia Jia NATURE Sep 1st female
WOOGIE Park Jae-wook Sep 1st male
Jihye Park Jihye Scarlet Sep 1st female
Hyelim Woo Hye Lim Wonder Girls Sep 1st female
Park Hyo Shin Sep 1st male
J-NA Jeong Jin Hwa 4L, J-Young Sep 1st female
Seulki Kwang Seul Ki Various Sep 1st female
Yujin Ahn Yu-jin IZ*ONE Sep 1st female
Jungkook Jeon Jeong-guk BTS Sep 1st male
Tina Park Su-bin Blady Sep 1st female
Zeth Kim Jaemin TARGET Sep 1st male
Chiwoo KINGDOM Sep 2nd male
Eunice Heo Soo-yeon DIA, Jewelry Sep 2nd female
Minji Jo Min Ji T.O.P Girls Sep 2nd female
Tarin Han Jae-won Sep 2nd female
Neal Heo Chan-jo MBA Sep 2nd male
Hyunsik Won Hyunsik Sep 2nd male
Heecheon Kim Heecheon Halo Sep 2nd male
Ravn Kim Youngjo ONEUS Sep 2nd male
Chi Chi Kim Chae Won Play the Siren Sep 2nd female
Yeoun Lee Kyeongbin ARGON Sep 3rd male
Hyunseung Jang Hyun Seung B2ST (BEAST), Trouble Maker Sep 3rd male
Juniel Choi Jun-hee Poetic Narrator Sep 3rd female
Joy Park Soo Young Red Velvet Sep 3rd female
hyeminsong Bamsem & hyeminsong Sep 3rd female
Seo A Choi Jun Hee Sep 3rd female
Sojung Lee So-jung LADIES' CODE Sep 3rd female
Chillin Homie Jeon Woo-sung Sep 3rd male
Sophia Sophia Ramazanova O My Jewel Sep 3rd female
Goeun Na Goeun PURPLE KISS Sep 3rd female
Della Park Se-hyeon Rockit Girl Sep 3rd female
Seo In Young Seo In Ja Jewelry Sep 3rd female
Sungjong Lee Sung Jong INFINITE, Infinite F Sep 3rd male
U Lee Sun Mi HINT Sep 4th female
Minho Lee Min Ho MY.st Sep 4th male
Juntae Kim Jun Tae MY.st Sep 4th male
Taegeon Im Tae Geon MustB Sep 4th male
Jiwon Heo Jiwon Cherry Bullet Sep 4th female
Jieun Park Jieun PURPLE KISS Sep 4th female
Dahee Jung Dahee Bambino Sep 4th female
Chaei Yeo Ji Hyeon Baby Boo Sep 4th female
Mark Mark Yi En Tuan GOT7 Sep 4th male
Subin Kim Su Bin Berry Good Sep 4th female
MC Mong Shin Dong Hyun Sep 4th male
Woosoo Woo Youngsoo MASC Sep 5th male
Lucy Lee Saet Byeol Bella Sep 5th female
Hyunkyung Kim Hyunjong Romeo Sep 5th male
Kangmin Noh Kangmin Romeo Sep 5th male
EK Do Ik-hwan MBA Sep 5th male
Minchae Kim Seon Ye Pocket Girls Sep 5th female
Baro Cha Sun Woo B1A4 Sep 5th male
Jei Kim Jinhee Fiestar Sep 5th female
Junggigo Go Jung-gi Sep 5th male
Mr. Tyfoon Yang Tae Eung Clover Sep 5th male
Luri Lee Su-hyun DAYDAY, I.B.I Sep 5th female
DPR +IAN Yu Barom C-CLOWN Sep 6th male
Villain Villain also worked for BigHit as a producer PLT Sep 6th male
Mail Jeong Yu-jin The Ark Sep 6th female
Ahyul Park Seo Hui LPG Sep 6th female
Horyeong Jeong Yeongki GreatGuys Sep 6th male
NS Yoon-G Kim Yoon Ji Sep 6th female
Nara Lee Na-ra ASHA Sep 6th female
Minwoo Ha Min-Woo ZE:A Sep 6th male
EunSung Lee Eun Sung TheEastLight. Sep 7th male
Jacob Jang Peng VAV Sep 7th male
Jinwan Kim Jinwan LU:KUS Sep 7th male
Sumin Park Sumin DreamNote Sep 7th female
Hana Lee Hana Girls2000 Sep 7th female
Jiyu Lee Ji Yoo Dorothy Sep 7th female
Alex Alexander Kim High4 Sep 7th male
Minju Jeon Min-ju The Ark, KHAN, DAYDAY Sep 8th female
Dongjun Hwang Dong Jun GHOST9 Sep 8th male
Seoyeon Yu Eunseo SHA SHA Sep 8th female
Juha Kim Juha Queen B'Z Sep 8th female
Yeori Choi Yeori ARIAZ Sep 8th female
Kelly Park Joohyun Delight Sep 8th female
Loki Kim Moo Bin Be.A Sep 8th male
Hyunsuk Yoon Hyunsuk CIX Sep 8th male
Rozy Ahn Bo Young Dorothy, Yellow Bee Sep 8th female
KYOUNGYOON Kang Kyoung Yoon Bandage Sep 9th male
Loopy Lee Jin-yong Sep 9th male
Nael Lee Ye Jin HINT Sep 9th female
Yoonji Jung Yoon Ji K-TIGERS ZERO Sep 9th female
Yebin Song Ye-bin LipBubble, YOURS Sep 9th female
Sua Moon Su-a Mystic Story Girls Sep 9th female
Ivone Bui Diệu Linh Sep 9th female
Soyoung Im So-young Stellar Sep 9th female
Ian Lee Min Seo T.O.P Girls Sep 9th female
Dongpyo Son Dong Pyo X1, DSP N Sep 9th male
Junkyu Kim Jun-kyu TREASURE Sep 9th male
Yoollin Kim Ye-bin MIDNIGHT, BaBa Sep 9th female
Vicky Kim Ga Young Diva Sep 9th female
Binnie Bae Yoo Bin OH MY GIRL, OH MY GIRL BANHANA Sep 9th female
Yijeong Jang Yi Jeong HISTORY Sep 10th male
D.ana Jo Eun Ae Sonamoo, Girls Next Door Sep 10th female
2Soul Kim Young Hoon Seven O’Clock Sep 10th male
Cloudybay Park Young-seo Sep 10th female
Lee Young-ji Lee Young-ji Sep 10th female
Eunho Shin Dong Keun UNVS Sep 10th male
Sunhyeok Im Sunhyeok Beatwin Sep 10th male
Teno Hwang Euijeong BLANC7 Sep 10th male
Min J2KC Sep 11th male
Maeum Hyejin Daydream Sep 11th female
Seonghwa Lee Seonghwa Carcaro Girl Sep 11th female
Cheris GBB Sep 11th female
Sanggyu Ahn Sanggyu Beatwin Sep 11th male
Hayoung Kim Hayoung BADKIZ Sep 12th female
Hajung Blah Blah Sep 12th female
RM Kim Nam-Joon BTS Sep 12th male
Minyoung Kim Min-young Brave Girls, ZZBest Sep 12th female
Yehyeon Kim Ye-Hyeon GIDONGDAE Sep 12th male
Chanhyuk Lee Chanhyuk AKMU Sep 12th male
Seungjae Lee Seungjae The King Sep 12th male
Jinwoo Lee Jin Woo TEEN TEEN, GHOST9 Sep 13th male
Hyunjae Lee Jae-hyun THE BOYZ Sep 13th male
G.Na Gina Jane Choi Sep 13th female
Shin Youme Shin Youme Sep 13th female
Sungchan Jung Sung Chan NCT U, NCT Sep 13th male
Seungah Oh Seung Ah Rainbow Sep 13th female
Yeonjun Choi Yeon Jun TXT Sep 13th male
Sumin Woo Soomin Delight Sep 13th female
Ye Eun Jung Ye Eun OAHSIS Sep 13th female
Gaho Kang Dae-ho PLT Sep 14th male
Jenny Lee So Yul DIA Sep 14th female
Nana Im Jin Ah After School, Orange Caramel, Dazzling RED Sep 14th female
Han Han Jisung Stray Kids, 3RACHA Sep 14th male
Ha Hyunsang Ha Hyun-sang Hoppípolla Sep 14th male
Soobin Park Soobin WJSN, Y TEEN, WJSN CHOCOME Sep 14th female
Sooyeon Jung Soo-yeon ILUV Sep 14th female
Zico Woo Ji-ho Block B, FANXYCHILD Sep 14th male
Daseul Yang Da-seul Maka Maka Sep 14th female
Yujin Jung Yoo-jin Brave Girls Sep 14th female
Ji-young Ahn Ji-young Bolbbalgan4 Sep 14th female
Teddy Park Park Hongjoon Sep 14th male
Kang Han Kyoung Jo Han Kyoung BADKIZ Sep 14th female
Jae Park Jae Hyung DAY6 Sep 15th male
Felix Lee Yong-Bok Stray Kids Sep 15th male
Jungshin Lee Jungshin CNBLUE Sep 15th male
Jerry Moon Young Seo M.Pire Sep 15th male
Jin Won-Jin GIDONGDAE Sep 15th male
Da Hee Lee Young Joo PPL Sep 15th female
Sonnet Son Son Seung-yeon Sep 15th female
Yurim Lee Yurim HOLICS Sep 15th female
Minchan Hong Min-chan VERIVERY Sep 16th male
Lia Yoo Hayoung LipBubble Sep 16th female
Miso Park Ji Hyun P.O.P Sep 16th female
Chae-i ICU, CHIC&IDLE Sep 16th female
Serri Park Mi-yeon Dal Shabet Sep 16th female
Jaeho Kim Jae Ho HISTORY Sep 17th male
Songhee Han Songhee SWINCLE Sep 17th female
Eunbi Shin Eun Byeol LipBubble, Maka Maka Sep 17th female
Lori Lori Thomas ChoColat Sep 17th female
Minhee Kang Min-hee X1, CRAVITY Sep 17th male
Sara Jeon Sa Ra VIVIDIVA Sep 17th female
Donghyun Kim Donghyun MXM, YDPP, AB6IX Sep 17th male
YooA Yoo Shiah OH MY GIRL, Sunny Girls, Girls Next Door Sep 17th female
Youngjae Choi Young Jae GOT7 Sep 17th male
Yunju Song Yoon-ju HOLICS Sep 17th female
E.SOL Jeon Jae Hyeok 14U Sep 17th male
Taeseon Yang Taeseon TRCNG Sep 17th male
Amber Liú Yì Yún f(x) Sep 18th female
OLNL Lee Je-won Sep 18th male
Hwalchan Lee Daeyoung GreatGuys Sep 18th male
JeA Kim Hyo-jin Brown Eyed Girls Sep 18th female
Iro Kim Songyi Blady, 2NB Sep 18th female
A Zi Oh Ji In PPL Sep 18th female
Woojoo Kim Sang Yun 14U Sep 18th male
Hwan Kim Hwan HONEYST Sep 19th male
Jaekyung Jung Seo-young 9MUSES Sep 19th female
Roda Shin Joong-Min M.O.N.T Sep 19th male
Soeun Song Ji Eun Various Sep 19th female
Gaeun Kim Gaeun Sep 19th female
Sieun Maeng Sieun RAMISU, Rendezvous, CHECKMATE Sep 19th female
Sohn Yerim Sohn Yerim Sep 20th female
Gain Son Ga-in Brown Eyed Girls, 4Tomorrow Sep 20th female
Backjo Jang Sunmi ICIA Sep 20th female
Hakmin Lee Hakmin TRCNG Sep 20th male
RAM Jeon Wooram D-UNIT Sep 21st female
Tsuki Fukutomi Tsuki Mystic Story Girls Sep 21st female
Mina Kwon Min A AOA Sep 21st female
Neo Gu Ri Kim Sung Kook Loude Sep 21st male
Jini GBB, Sol-T Sep 21st female
Chen Kim Jong-dae EXO, Exo-CBX Sep 21st male
Jung Dakyung Lee Hye-ri Venus Sep 21st female
BUMKEY Kwon Ki Bum TROY Sep 22nd male
Kim Yohan Kim Yohan X1, WEi Sep 22nd male
Seungmin Kim Seung-min Stray Kids Sep 22nd male
Youngkwang Ahn Young Jun Vanner Sep 22nd male
Hyoyeon Kim Hyo-yeon Girls' Generation, Girls' Generation - Oh!GG, Triple T Sep 22nd female
Nayeon Im Na-yeon TWICE Sep 22nd female
Jinyoung Park Jin Young GOT7 Sep 22nd male
Yookyung Hong Yoo-kyung Apink Sep 22nd female
Milly Kim Jaeoh Be.A Sep 22nd male
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