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Kpop Idols born in October

All Kpop idols born in October.
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Stage Name Full Name Group(s) Date of Birth Gender
Han Bitna Oh Seung Eun Year 7 Class 1 Oct 1st female
Siyeon Lee Si Yeon Dreamcatcher Oct 1st female
Suhyun Choi Hyunggeun SNUPER Oct 1st male
Seoyeon Kang Seoyeon AZM Oct 1st female
Gohyeon Go Hyeon 14U Oct 1st male
Hajin Jeong Hajin Melody Pink Oct 2nd female
Marco Lin Fan Fanxy Red Oct 2nd female
Woochul Shin Woo-Chul NewKidd Oct 2nd male
Kisu Choi Ki Su 24K Oct 2nd male
Park Moonchi Park Bo-min CSVC Oct 2nd female
Sera Ryu Se-ra 9MUSES Oct 3rd female
Yelin Lee Yelin ALPHA RAY Oct 3rd female
Ayu Ayu HitGirlZ Oct 3rd female
Bang Chan Christopher Bang Stray Kids, 3RACHA Oct 3rd male
Juri Takahashi Juri Rocket Punch Oct 3rd female
Gunmin Lee Gunmin B.I.G Oct 3rd male
Lilty Hong Darae Blady Oct 3rd female
Jeonghan Yoon Jeong Han SEVENTEEN Oct 4th male
Hooni Park Sanghoon Oct 4th male
Jiwoo Jeon Jiwoo KARD Oct 4th female
HUGH Park Sang-hoon BECZ Oct 4th male
Yuju Choi Yu-na GFRIEND Oct 4th female
Yubin Kim Yoo-bin Wonder Girls Oct 4th female
Jooan Im Jimyoung WE IN THE ZONE Oct 4th male
Ilhoon Jung Il Hoon BTOB Oct 4th male
Yoonhye Jung Yoonhye FANATICS Oct 4th female
Hara Gil Hara HARASORA Oct 4th female
La-e Han Juhyun VX Oct 5th male
Soyeon Cutthroat T-ARA Oct 5th female
Youngbin Jeong Young-bin LUMINOUS Oct 5th male
Haneul Kim Jinhyeon GreatGuys Oct 5th male
SOLE Lee So-ri Oct 5th female
Nari Kim Na Ri Wassup Oct 5th female
Rumi Seol Ah Reum Unicorn Oct 5th female
Lydia Chen Yilin ANDS Oct 5th female
Do Ayun BABY BLUE Oct 5th female
Taeha Yoo Taeha Berry Good Oct 5th female
Chunji Lee Chanhee TEEN TOP Oct 5th male
Joohoney Lee Joo-heon MONSTA X, Y TEEN Oct 6th male
Kassy Kim So Yeon Oct 6th female
ROA DAILY Oct 6th female
Eunchae Son Eun-chae ISE Oct 6th female
Sunhwa Han Sun Hwa Secret Oct 6th female
Hitomi Honda Hitomi IZ*ONE Oct 6th female
Alex Alexander Vincent Schmidt DRIPPIN Oct 6th male
Lua Kim Sookyung Weki Meki Oct 6th female
Huijun No Huijun MCND Oct 7th male
Thunder Park Sang Hyun MBLAQ Oct 7th male
Jade Nguyen Hoang Bao Ngoc A-Daily Oct 7th female
Jiung Choi Ji Ung P1Harmony Oct 7th male
U Woo Chang Beom Vermuda Oct 7th male
Sui Park Suhee DESTINY Oct 7th female
Nicole Nicole Yongju Jung Kara, Dazzling RED Oct 7th female
Lay Zhang Yixing EXO Oct 7th male
PENOMECO Jung Dong-wook FANXYCHILD Oct 7th male
NC.A Im Soeun UNI.T Oct 7th female
Changbum Woo Changbum 100%, Vermuda Oct 7th male
Gaeun Jeon Ga Eun Marmello Oct 8th female
Aiden Choi Jiwoong AWEEK Oct 8th male
Euijin Hong Eui Jin Sonamoo, UNI.T Oct 8th female
Rui Watanabe Rui H.U.B, N-Bulance Oct 8th female
Yoon Jin Sol Park Se-mi Jewelry Oct 8th female
Baram Lee Youngjun Bigstar Oct 8th male
Yuseong Jung Yu Seong Bigflo Oct 8th male
Karam Kim Ka-ram ALLS-GIRL Oct 8th female
Miku Katae Miku MyDoll Girls Oct 9th female
Bongjun Lee Bongjun N.Sonic Oct 9th male
Yubeen Cho Yubin Pink Fantasy Oct 9th female
Myungji Kim Myeong Ji Tiny-G Oct 9th female
Jin Jo Jin Hee Tahiti Oct 9th female
Ye Ah Kim Ha Eun GOOD DAY, cignature Oct 9th female
F:ie Lee San Ha AlphaBat Oct 10th male
Lasha Go In Seok DMZA Oct 10th female
Suzy Bae Su-ji miss A Oct 10th female
Lahee Yang Hee Jung LPG, Chaness Oct 10th female
Kangta An Cheolhyun H.O.T Oct 10th male
Vaan Kim Sang Won Seven O’Clock Oct 10th male
Somi Baek Somi A Train To Autumn Oct 10th female
Haelee ZZBae, Flossom Oct 10th female
Seunghee Oh Seung Hee CLC Oct 10th female
Nicky Kim Eun Bi AiRiSU, Q.O.S Oct 10th female
Lee Ria Lee Seunghyun RaNia Oct 10th female
YangYang Liu YangYang NCT, WayV Oct 10th male
Kwon Minseo Kwon Minseo La_TTE Oct 11th female
Hayana Kristine Yoon Oct 11th female
Sojin Jo Sojin 9MUSES, Nasty Nasty, Red Queen Oct 11th female
JOO Jung Min Joo Oct 11th female
Tasha Natasha Low Yi Ling SKarf Oct 11th female
Ian Kim I-aan CHERRY ON TOP Oct 11th female
Lee Min Kyoung Lee Min Kyoung Diva Oct 11th female
Henry Henry Lau SUPER JUNIOR, Super Junior-M Oct 11th male
Suri Kang Su-ri Rendezvous, CHECKMATE, AMOR Oct 11th female
G.O Hwang Taegeun NTB Oct 11th male
BLOO Kim Hyun-woong Oct 12th male
Bokeun Kim Bok Eun Signal Oct 12th male
Seo Kangjun Lee Seung Hwan 5urprise Oct 12th male
Minjoo Kwak Min-joo Two X Oct 12th female
Lee Ji Hyun Lee Ji Hyun Jewelry Oct 12th female
Newah Kim Minkyung HIGHCOLOR Oct 12th female
Yoomin Noh Yoomin NRG Oct 12th male
JongHo Choi Jongho ATEEZ Oct 12th male
NiiHWA Kim Jihoon Oct 13th male
Hyosung Jun Hyo-seong Secret, Dazzling RED Oct 13th female
Sihun Kim Si Hun BDC Oct 13th male
Jimin Park Ji Min BTS Oct 13th male
Hanbyeol Ahn Hanbyeol DreamNote Oct 13th female
Seungmin Bae Seung Min Golden Child Oct 13th male
Yelim Lee Ye Rim SIOSIJAK, Scarlet Oct 13th female
Mika SWINCLE Oct 14th female
Jeki Kim Jeki VX Oct 14th male
Hohyeon Lee Hohyeon TRCNG Oct 14th male
Youngchae Joo Young Chae DMZA Oct 14th female
Kota Ahn Jin-ah Sunny Hill Oct 14th female
Gayoung Oh Ga Young Unicorn Oct 14th female
Hyunmin Park Hyun Min Apple.B Oct 14th female
Seungjin Ham Seungjin A-Jax Oct 15th male
Taehyun Noh Taehyun HOTSHOT, JBJ Oct 15th male
Ellie Lee Sang Kang WeGirls, HOTTIES Oct 15th female
Heeseung Lee Hee Seung ENHYPEN Oct 15th male
Hyeseong Yang Hye-sun ELRIS Oct 15th female
Sunha Goo Sun-ha SATURDAY Oct 15th female
Mei Qi Meng Mei Qi WJSN Oct 15th female
Zelo Choi Jun Hong B.A.P Oct 15th male
Eunyoung Park Eun-young Brave Girls Oct 15th female
Jenyer Jeon Ji-yoon 4Minute, PRSNT Oct 15th female
Suha Choi Soojung HIGHCOLOR Oct 15th female
Donghae Lee Dong Hae SUPER JUNIOR, SUPER JUNIOR-D&E, Super Junior-M Oct 15th male
Woong Jeon Woong AB6IX Oct 15th male
Sunghoon Moon Sunghoon NRG Oct 15th male
Yoon Jong Shin Yoon Jong Shin Oct 15th male
Stephanie Kim Bo-kyung (Stephanie Kim) CSJH The Grace Oct 16th female
Yuha Yoo Ji-young Orange Latte Oct 16th female
Jaewoong Lee Jae Woong TROY Oct 16th male
Hanbi Kim Han Bi LipBubble Oct 16th female
Eunbyul Go Mi Joo LPG Oct 16th female
Seungho Yang Seung-ho MBLAQ Oct 16th male
Woobin Seo Woo Bin CRAVITY Oct 16th male
Crucial Star Park Se-yun Oct 16th male
Jun Eun Mi Jun Eun Mi Jewelry Oct 16th female
Sang Lee Sang Imfact Oct 17th male
Kwon Soonil Kwon Soon Il Urban Zakapa Oct 17th male
Jisun Hwang Jisun Girl's Day, S#aFLA Oct 17th female
Jieun Kang Ji Eun RaNia, LPG, Chaness Oct 17th female
Anne Lee Seoyoung GWSN Oct 17th female
Spax Kim Sungchan BLANC7 Oct 17th male
Miso Kim Mi So GLAM Oct 17th female
Sehyuk Park Se Hyuk Topp Dogg Oct 18th male
Youjin Kim Youjin K-TIGERS ZERO Oct 18th female
Junghoon Lee Jung-hoon TST Oct 18th male
Dawoon Kim Da Woon Milkyway Oct 18th female
Darae Kim Da-rae RaNia, Ela8te Oct 18th female
Yaebin Kang Yebin PRISTIN, HINAPIA, PRISTIN V Oct 19th female
Ellyn Bang Sun-hee GIRLKIND Oct 19th female
Seulgi Kim Seul Gi Oct 19th male
HeeJin Jeon Hee-jin LOONA, LOONA 1/3 Oct 19th female
Hayeong Kim Ha Yeong Hi Cutie Oct 19th female
Rachel Choi Ji Soo A.De Oct 20th female
Hojung Go Hojung HOTSHOT, UNB Oct 20th male
BM Matthew Kim KARD Oct 20th male
Edge Kwak Yaeji Hi.D Oct 20th female
Judy Lee Joo Ah Wiz N Oct 20th female
Chuu Kim Ji-woo LOONA, yyxy Oct 20th female
Chaelin Lee Chaelin FANATICS Oct 20th female
EJ Heo Eun Jung Tahiti Oct 20th female
Junhyung Son Joon Hyung GHOST9 Oct 21st male
Xiweol Kang Minseok VARSITY Oct 21st male
Roori Sooyeon Baby Boo, YULiONi Oct 21st female
K-KID Kim Geon Woong BLANC7 Oct 21st male
B.I Kim Hanbin iKON Oct 22nd male
Haeseung Kim Hye-seung YOURS Oct 22nd female
Yuri Jo Yuri IZ*ONE Oct 22nd female
Semmi Oh Hee Seon MATILDA Oct 22nd female
Shinwoo Park Shinwoo BLANC7 Oct 22nd male
Semi Park Sujin BADKIZ Oct 22nd female
Linzy Im Min-ji Fiestar Oct 22nd female
Ningning Níng Yìzhuō aespa Oct 23rd female
Seungyeop Lee Seungyeop A-Jax Oct 23rd male
Shoo Kunimitsu Shoo S.E.S Oct 23rd female
Yujin Jung Yoojin S#aFLA, D-UNIT Oct 23rd female
Car, the garden Cha Jung-won Oct 23rd male
Sally Liu Xie Ning gugudan Oct 23rd female
Ahyoon Choi Su-bin BOTOPASS Oct 23rd female
Uiyeon Jeon Mingi GreatGuys Oct 23rd male
Ga Ram Park Hye-rin SHA SHA Oct 23rd female
Shin Shin Won-ho Cross Gene Oct 23rd male
SooA Im Mi-ji Episode Oct 23rd female
Seo In-guk Seo In-guk Oct 23rd male
Ari Kim Sun Young Tahiti, Red Queen Oct 23rd female
Minnie Minnie Nicha Yontararak (G)I-DLE Oct 23rd female
Heejae Lee Heejae Queendom Oct 23rd female
Sign Kim Kiho MAP6 Oct 24th male
Hamin Jo Hamin ENOi Oct 24th male
Baekah Kim Soo-ah NeonPunch, XUM Oct 24th female
Dayeon Kim Da Yeon ii Oct 24th female
Krystal Chrystal Soo Jung f(x) Oct 24th female
Yina Ryu Yina Pocket Girls, AiRiSU, TWEETY Oct 24th female
Yanan Yan An PENTAGON Oct 25th male
Lee Know Lee Min-ho Stray Kids Oct 25th male
Jae Min Byeon Jae Min Loude Oct 25th male
Jaeeun Q6IX Oct 25th female
Aeji Kwon Ae Ji HashTag Oct 25th female
Babylon Lee Jongmin Oct 25th male
Miso Jeon Jimin DreamNote Oct 25th female
Sihyun Park Si Hyun ATEEN Oct 26th male
Kim Youngso Kim Young-So Hoppípolla Oct 26th male
Eunsang Lee Eun-sang X1 Oct 26th male
Hayu ICU, CHIC&IDLE Oct 26th female
Yuta Nakamoto Yuta NCT 127, NCT Oct 26th male
Sia LAYSHA, GIRL CRUSH Oct 26th female
SaGang Jeong Sa Gang TheEastLight. Oct 26th male
Kid Kim Jun Hoe VARSITY Oct 26th male
Hyebin Kwon Hyebin Various Oct 26th female
Rai Kim Naeun ANDS Oct 26th female
Soeun Park Soeun Weeekly Oct 26th female
Soojung Kim Soojung Pritti Oct 26th female
Kid Milli Choi Won-jae Oct 26th male
Howon Chung Ho-won W24 Oct 27th male
Jayoung Park Ja Young Rolling Quartz Oct 27th female
Euna Kim Kim Yu Na The Ark, KHAN Oct 27th female
Wooseok Kim Woo-seok UP10TION, X1 Oct 27th male
Bora Sung Bora 4X Oct 27th female
BerthA Baby Monsters Oct 27th female
Seoham Park Seoham KNK Oct 28th male
Yeji Kim Ye-ji ABRY Oct 28th female
Seulbi Kim Min-jung GsA Oct 28th female
Narin Lee Eun-seo GsA Oct 28th female
Gyerin Park Yerin HAIL Oct 28th female
WinWin Dǒng Sīchéng NCT 127, NCT U, NCT, WayV Oct 28th male
Miko Miko Matsuda Honey Popcorn Oct 28th female
Seulgi Kim Seulgi Rendezvous Oct 28th female
Bin Kim Subin HBY Oct 28th male
LEEBADA Lee Ba-da Oct 29th female
Yuka Asamoto Mika Peach Girl Oct 29th female
Narin Lee Na Rin Bling Bling Oct 29th female
Nata Chan Yuen Ching / Nata Chan As One Oct 29th female
Yongseok Byun Yong Seok BLACK6IX Oct 29th male
Giselle Uchinaga Aeri aespa Oct 30th female
Seeun ONO GIRLZ Oct 30th female
Boni Choi Euijeong DreamNote Oct 30th female
Yunseong Hwang Yunseong DRIPPIN Oct 30th male
Yena Hwang Ye Na Swalla Oct 31st female
Hojoon Jeon Ho Joon Topp Dogg Oct 31st male
Seunghyub Lee Seunghyub N.Flying Oct 31st male
Yeongin Cho Yeong-in Ggumnamu Oct 31st female
Jiae Kim Ji Ae Wassup Oct 31st female
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