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Kpop Idols born in 2005

All Kpop idols born during the year 2005.
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Stage Name Full Name Group(s) Date of Birth Gender
Takara Yasuda Takara Busters Jan 19th female
Heesun Park Heesun Pink Fantasy, MyDoll Girls Jan 25th female
Siyoon Kim Si-yoon Mystic Story Girls Feb 16th female
Junghwan So Jung Hwan TREASURE Feb 18th male
Soyeon Park So-yeon YOURS Apr 27th female
Dahyun Jeong Da Hyun Rocket Punch Apr 29th female
Zoa Cho Hye-won WEEEKLY May 31st female
Jieun Jeon Ji-eun Busters Aug 22nd female
Yeseo Kang Ye Seo Busters Aug 22nd female
Johwa Kwon Yu-jin BaBa Nov 12th female

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