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Kpop Idols born in 1985

All Kpop idols born during the year 1985.
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Stage Name Full Name Group(s) Date of Birth Gender
Huh Gak Huh Gak Jan 5th male
J'Kyun Kim Jeong Tae Lucky J Jan 11th male
Kangin Kim Young Woon Super Junior Jan 17th male
The Quiett Shin Dong-gab Jan 29th male
Minwoo Seo Min-woo 100% Feb 8th male
Haeri Lee Hae Ri Davichi Feb 14th female
Mad Clown Jo Dong-rim Mar 25th male
Flowsik Park Dae-sik Apr 5th male
Hong Jinho Hong Jin-Ho Hoppípolla Apr 20th male
Janghyun Kim Jang Hyun Sunny Hill Jul 16th male
Hong Jin Young Hong Jin-young Aug 9th female
Gilme Gil Mihyun Clover Aug 10th female
Hyeyoung Tae Hye Young Miss $ Aug 31st female
NS Yoon-G Kim Yoon Ji Sep 13th female
Shindong Shin Dong Hee Super Junior Sep 28th male
Canopus Geonil Park Geonil Supernova Nov 5th male
Bini Lee Hye-bin 9MUSES Nov 13th female
Mihye Kim Mihye Carcaro Girl Nov 23rd female
Tymee Lee Ok-joo Dec 6th female

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